About Us

In recent years, the Italian mega-eyewear company Luxottica, has purchased two of the largest U.S. eyeglasses manufacturers, Rayban and Oakley.  It bought them and moved their production overseas.  Even though Luxottica was exposed on CBS’s 60 Minutes as a virtual monopoly, the Federal Trade Commission and the Justice Department have done nothing to stop its anticompetitive practices.  Luxottica produces Oakley, Rayban, Ralph Lauren, Macy’s, Bulgari, Dolce & Gabbana, Burberry, Prada, Tory Burch and many other brands, and owns retail stores including Lenscrafters, Pearl Vision, Sunglasses Hut, the vision departments at Target and Sears.
Luxottica sells glasses for $400 or more that cost less than $50 to manufacture. Warby Parker imports all of its frames.
The AmericaEyesShop.com will be the American-made alternative to Warby Parker and Luxottica. All AmericanEyes eyewear will be made in the United States, priced under that of Luxottica and competitive with Warby Parker.